Getting Started:

Want to start taking classes, but not sure where to start?

Let us know what type of music you enjoy, where you are planning to use your dancing, what your dance goals are, and we'll help you choose the best lesson plan for your dance journey.  Whether you want to get ready for a cruise, hold your own at the company party, impress your wedding guests, or just get in shape while moving to music, we are here to help!

While social dancing does require a partner, you do not have to bring one to any of our classes.  We encourage students to trade partners during our group classes, so students can mix and mingle, work on their lead/follow skills, and also have the opportunity to dance with an instructor.  However, those who have a regular dance partner do not have to trade partners if they don't want to.  We understand that dance lessons make a great date, and we want to encourage you to enjoy your time in each others arms.

There are a few ways to get started on your dance journey:

Private lessons are great for dancers of all skill levels.  If you are a beginner, private lessons are the fastest way to build a strong foundation and gain confidence.  They are individually tailored to your learning style and pace.  For intermediate dancers, they are the optimal way to improve your style and technique.  Private lessons also allow you the greatest flexibility, as you can choose your own lesson times and which dances you want to learn.  We offer private lessons in our Studio in Downtown Turlock.

Before we create your dance package, we'd like to meet with you at the studio to get to know you a little better and discuss your goals.  If you're preparing for a wedding or special event, the consultation is all about planning.  We go over your song choices, any video inspiration you may have, our timeline, what to expect on your lessons, and scheduling.  We have found that all of this is done better face-to-face.

Group classes provide general dance instruction, and also give you the opportunity to dance with different partners, which is an important part of learning how to social dance.  We do encourage changing partners in class, but if you come to class as a couple, we don't require that you change partners.  We understand that your dance lessons make a great date night and we want you to enjoy dancing with your partner.  They progress from week to week, allowing you to build upon your knowledge and gain more confidence. They are also more budget friendly.

Sips and Salsa Parties are a fun opportunity to get together with your friends to learn to dance.  See the Sips and Salsa tab under Services.

What to Expect:

We have found that learning to dance is very much like learning a new language.  It is a skill after all (no one is born knowing how to dance!) and the more you immerse yourself the better and faster you will learn.  Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone!  All of our staff members and students are very encouraging.  We were all in beginner shoes once too. 

You don't have to have any prior dance experience to start your dance journey with us.  Sometimes a clean slate is best.  We also cater to intermediate and advanced dancers.  We'll get you to your goals no matter where your starting point is.

We don't have a strict dress code because our students come from all walks of life and we want to welcome everyone into our space.  We also have classes available that are not Ballroom or Social Dancing, and all of our teachers are independent contractors with their own expectations.  If you are attending a ballroom or social dance class, feel free to wear what you would wear to go out on the town (because you might want to enjoy Downtown Turlock's vibrant nightlife and eateries), or something you're comfortable sweating in.  We just ask that you keep your attire modest and appropriate, and that you don't wear baggy sweats, dirty clothes, pajamas, or nothing at all.

We don't require that you invest in dance shoes right away, although they will help you move better.  If you haven't completely decided to make that investment in your dancing, the best shoes to learn in are flat soled with little to no traction that stay on your feet.  Ladies, if you're planning to dance in heels, choose heels with a sturdy heel (skinny stilletos are difficult to dance in).  Ballet flats, TOMS, Keds, and good-'ol-fashioned Chucks are also great.  For gentlemen, a dress shoe or boot with a smooth bottom is great too.  Please don't wear flip flops or sandals that slip off your feet.  They are very difficult to dance in.  Once you're ready to make the investment in dance shoes, we can help guide you towards ones that will suit your needs.

Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes before your first lesson so you have time to fill out our new student registration form, which includes our liability waiver (so if your fall and break your butt, you can't sue us or any of our teachers, affiliates, or the building) and enrollment agreement (all classes are non-transferable, non-refundable, and all tuition payments must be made in advance) and then we can show you around and collect your tuition before class starts.

Signing Up:

We use MindBody Online as our online reservation system and Square for our merchant platform.   We do require that you make your group class reservation in advance, either online or by phone, because we have limited spaces and low max occupancy for our suite.  Our minimum class size is 4 and our maximum class size is 12-16 people, not including the instructor(s).  We do not require that you pay your tuition online, just that you make your reservation.  Your instructor can take your tuition before class starts. 

If you're not tech savvy, we are happy to help you make your reservation over the phone, or via text with Director Gabrielle at 925.980.5683.  If you decide to come last minute without a reservation, we won't turn you away as long as we have room for you in the class.  If we are at our maximum, we can help you sign up for another class.

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