Prepare yourselves for your Wedding and Romance for the rest of your lives!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Start your lives together on the right foot with dance lessons to boost your confidence and connection on the dance floor.  Create an occasion you and your loved ones will remember with pride for the rest of your lives.  As the Central Valley's leading Wedding Dance Specialists, we’re here to help you do just that!  Here at Alegria Ballroom Dance Academy, one of the compliments we hear most often from our students is how patient and thorough we are in sharing the magic of dance.  That’s because we’re passionate about what we do, and we hope you fall in love with dance too!

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your wedding dance:

1. Allow plenty of time to learn. We recommend starting weekly lessons at least five to six months before your wedding, with increasing frequency as the date approaches. Learning how to dance is a skill and can be as challenging as learning a new language or how to play an instrument.  You want to be able to give it your full attention before the added pressure of wedding preparations.  It also makes a great date night!

2. Give some thought to the song you want, and bring it to your consultation. We will teach you the right dance for it.  Don’t feel locked into a traditional first dance.  Today’s couples are choosing a dance to reflect their personality, so pick a song that means something special to the both of you.  You have a wide range of Latin and Ballroom dances from which to choose.  You can even opt for a medley of styles!

3. Learning how to dance is just as important as learning the actual dance.  Our goal is to teach you how to dance first and foremost, rather than just teach you one dance for one day.  Out of the many things you're investing in for your wedding, your dancing is one of the few things you get to take with you into your marriage.  We want your dance lessons to feel like a date and an opportunity to work together in each others arms.  Focus, listen mindfully, observe, ask questions, review.  Try to make the most of the group classes and practice opportunities provided in the studio.
During each lesson, try to relax so you can enjoy both the process and each other. Be patient with yourselves while also giving it your best effort.  (see Helpful Hints for Couples)

4. Practice in the same shoes or similar shoes you plan to wear during your wedding dance.  This will help you become familiar with how you move in them.  For ladies, if you’re not used to wearing a dress, it helps to practice in a long skirt or petticoat so you grow accustomed to the way it feels.  There will be many unexpected surprises on your wedding day and our goal is to make sure your dance isn’t one of them!

Besides your first dance, you may want to consider featuring your parents in a special dance.  Getting your wedding party to participate in a group dance can also make the celebration extra memorable.  We can adapt choreography to suit your ability and style. We look forward to introducing you to the fun, relaxing lifestyle that all dancers enjoy!