Private Dance Parties are similar to a "wine and paint" night, but with a dance class instead of painting.

It's an accessible and affordable way to add a new and memorable element to your party!

To book us for your party, please call or text Gabrielle at (925)980-5683.  

Thank You for choosing us for your party needs!

We're so excited to teach you and your friends how to Dance!

You can book us for your party in 2 ways:

Big Party

16 or more people, your treat

$300 flat rate

50% non-refundable deposit due on the date of booking

Perfect for big birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, team-building and corporate events.

HOST a Party:

8 or more people, your guests make their reservation on our online enrollment system.

In Studio: $20 per person

Out of Studio: $25 per person

Perfect for smaller birthday parties, BBQ's, and fundraisers.

How a party is structured:

Your party comes to us or we go to your party for 2 hours.  We arrive 30 minutes before the lesson starts to meet and mingle with our students, we teach for one hour (one or two dances) and we dance/mingle with you for 30 minutes after the lesson is over to help your guests practice and keep the party going, answer any questions, and book the next party.  If you and your group of friends want to take your dancing to the next level, it's a popular option to "house swap," where you trade off who's hosting and we continue to teach you more and more of the dances of your choice!

Menu of Dances:

Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing (triple or single-time/Jitterbug), Salsa, Mambo (Salsa on"2"), Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Portuguese March and  2-step, Night Club 2-Step, Foxy, 4-Count Hustle, Country Swing, Country 2-Step

Now Offering: Line Dancing, Hip Hop & More!