Lydia Sawyer

Ballet / Modern / Tumbling Instructor

Samantha Haley

​AKA "Bunny Bathory"

Burlesque Instructor

Whitney Wood

​AKA "Bettie Mercury"

Burlesque Instructor

Wedding Specialists

Your wedding is going to be the event of a lifetime. Nothing about your wedding will be generic - it will be uniquely yours.  That is why we want you to experience the joy of dancing a special first dance that is customized just for you.  Imagine gliding across the floor with confidence to your own special dance!

Wedding dance lessons prepare you for that all-important first dance, for the father/daughter or mother/son dance, or for a fun and different group dance.  We make it easy and fun!


Meet Our Teachers:

Gabrielle has had a passion for dance her whole life through being involved in musical theater. When she was 14, her parents were taking ballroom dance classes at a local studio and she has been hooked ever since! She began teaching ballroom dance at the start of 2009, and she knew she had found her calling.  In Portuguese, Alegria means happiness, and dancing makes her so happy! Together with her team of incredible instructors, her passion is instilling passion for dance in other people!

Patient and Personalized Instruction

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways.  We are here to help you learn and feel comfortable with your learning. We have a group classes in Downtown Turlock and private lessons available to fit your schedule and personal needs.              

Our Passion

Experience the Magic of Dance

Courtney Floyd

Baile Folklorico Instructor / Quinceañera Choreographer

A Co-Op of  Talents

All of our instructors are independent contractors with their own specialties.  Even though the Studio is called Alegria Ballroom Dance Academy (because Gabrielle's specialty is Ballroom Dance), we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of dance styles to all of our students.

Kashmere Johnson

Hip Hop / Tumbling Instructor

Gabrielle Aguiar-Forrest

Owner / Director /

Ballroom Dance Instructor / Choreographer /

Wedding Dance Specialist

Skyler Bazal

Bachata / Latin / Hip-Hop / Break Dance / Pop & Lock Instructor

Xavier Huerta

Sips & Salsa Partner / 

Salsa Instructor

Christina Geraldes

Hip Hop  Instructor

Exercise in a NEW & FUN way!

Have you been going to the gym and running on the treadmill?  Does exercise feel like an obligation? Here's an idea: how about breaking a sweat while you learn some fun dance moves?  You can strengthen your body to the rhythms of Salsa, Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa and more!  Ballroom Dance fitness such as our Rhythm Bootcamp class brings you the experience of a work-out combined with moves that strengthen your legs, arms, abs, and stabilize your body's balance.  Because sustainable exercise must be fun and full of variety, dancing is a powerful way to get fit!  Experience the joy of moving to music with dance exercise, and burn 300-500 calories per hour while doing it!

McKenzie Anderson

Hip Hop / Cheer / Aerial / Country Dance Instructor

Alexis Tanner

​AKA "Blak Roze"

Belly Dance Instructor

Jason Cushenberry

Country Dance Instructor

Marie Gwin

Belly Dance Instructor

Veenu Gill

Bollywood / Jazz Funk / Modern / Hip Hop Instructor

Brenda Keen

Kids Yoga Instructor

Alethia Alvarez

Latin Dance Instructor